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SPACE OLYMPIAD invites students from Class 1 to Class 8 to participate in different categories CAT-1 grade 1st to 4th will submit  VISUAL ART and CAT-2  Grade 5th to 8th will submit VISUAL ART/ LITERERY ART to expressing their creativity and vision. Their submissions are judged by our panel including artists, scientists, teachers, engineers and astronauts. The winning artwork is woven into displays and performances designed to relay the youth artists' messages to other young people and  artists around the world.

Guidelines for hosting SOJ Level-1 (State Level)
1. SOJ Coordinating teacher may organize Level-1 in school itself on the date manually decided by SOF and the school.

2. All entries in CAT-1/ CAT-2 should clearly mention name, age, class, school, city in the artwork sheets.(Format will be mailed to school.

3. Students can submit upto 2 entries restricting one entry in each category .

4. Original Idea and neatness in presentation will add to qualifying for the National Level.

5. Artwork by CAT-1 and CAT-2 student will be judged separately.

6. School SOJ Coordinator must whatsapp clear closeup short video and photograph of students while they are creating level-1 artwork and one group photograph with school SOJ coordinator and school logo with student their SOJ  level-1 artwork. 

Artwork Preparation Guidelines

- Visual Art- (CAT-1) :                                                                                     
Drawing, Sketch, Painting on drawing sheet 26 x 36 cm or A4 Size       

 Artwork/Sketch- Oil paints not allowed (only color pencils/crayons            

and water colors).     

- Visual Art and Literary art - (CAT-2) :                                                                                                                  
Language-  - English or Hindi

Poem, Poetry- Minimum 10 lines

Short story, essay- Minimum 20 lines

Dates                                                                                                                      Level-1 Artwork Theme

Kindly contact SOF for zone wise dates/slots                                                                                                                                       Future Space Shuttle or Earth from Space 

Fee Level-1 (Per Participant) - INR 60/-  for schools in India and USD$5 for schools outside India.


CAT-1 [GRADE 1-4 ] Eligible only  for  VISUAL ART 

CAT-2 [GRADE-5-8]  Eligible both for VISUAL ART AND LITERARY ART 


registration process

. Your unique School Code (4 digits) shall be generated after which school can register for SOJ Level-1

. All participant entries must be submitted online at  along with School enrollment form, fee and student registration sheet(SRS)

. School can register online and make payment for the Space Olympiad Junior through direct bank transfer /UPI or Web payment at

No spot registration will be acceptable in  any case. 

All entries will be judged based upon original idea and creativity and shall became the property of SOF and cannot be return due to the huge volume . 




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